TradeCard's Trade Xpress Enhances Supply Chain Visibility

TradeCard, Inc., a supply chain collaboration and global trade platform provider, has launched Trade Xpress to help suppliers manage all of their customers, factories and internal processes on a single platform and obtain real-time visibility throughout the entire supply chain. The solution introduces a supplier-centric approach to the TradeCard network.

With Trade Xpress, suppliers can conduct business with their customers and financial institutions online. TradeCard facilitates key transaction events, including order receipt, financing, detailed packing and shipping requirements, invoicing and payments. All transactions and workflow processes are routed seamlessly and documented electronically, regardless of country, language, time zone or technology system. Processes are automated and streamlined across all locations and departments.

"Previously, we received purchase orders from our customers via e-mail and our factories manually generated shipping documents," said Ricky So, manager of supply chain & logistics planning team at Pan Pacific. "Using Trade Xpress today, it's extremely helpful to check all statuses of POs, shipments and payments. We can better manage cash flow using the early payment service. We avoid chargebacks and receive payment within days instead of waiting a full month." Pan Pacific is an apparel producer based in Korea specializing in jackets, coats, knitwear, suits, pants, sportswear and socks.

"Trade Xpress provides a single platform to manage planning, fulfilling, shipping and invoicing orders from our buyers," said Adriana Duque, business unit manager at Supertex S.A. "As a result, we're always ready to handle the next transaction. Trade Xpress delivers a competitive advantage that allows us to increase sales and meet specific requirements from existing and new customers without straining our resources." Supertex is a sportswear manufacturer based in Colombia that uses Trade Xpress to manage receipt and settlement of orders, and scan and pack orders with most of its customers including Patagonia.

Benefits of Trade Xpress:
  • Centralize and streamline purchase order management
  • Provide accurate payment tracking and reporting
  • Automate ASN and invoice creation
  • Produce compliant UCC-128 carton labels
  • Ensure packing and shipping compliance
  • Minimize document discrepancies and chargebacks
  • Secure easy access to unique solution-driven early payment opportunities
  • Provide finance providers with direct access to documentation and data to support early funding
Trade Xpress integrates with EDI and ERP systems, enabling centralized data management for all trading partners and enhancing visibility needed to manage the entire supply network. The solution helps improve efficiency, margins, and working capital. A web browser is all that is needed to connect to trading partners anywhere in the world.

Manage physical & financial supply chain in one place
Trade Xpress contains built-in compliance tools and on-demand financial services that enhance financial and physical supply chain execution, all the way from the finance department to the factory floor. Suppliers can accurately fulfill multiple customers' shipping requirements on a single system, driving stronger vendor compliance and minimizing chargebacks.
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