Traffic Analysis

  • The Data-Obsessed Tech Power that's Driving Retail CX

    Today’s most tech-savvy retailers are not only leveraging data — they’re completely data-obsessed. Not only that, but they’re investing into innovative technology to collect and unlock the power of this data.
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  • The Technology Grocers Need Now to Win Post-COVID-19

    Grocers have found innovative ways to continue to serve customers while complying with federal and state safety mandates, but on-the-fly efforts can only get grocers so far. Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the critical technology grocers should invest in to thrive in this challenging and evolving environment.
  • Shopping Behavior Index Monitors Weekly Consumer Buying Behavior

    The number of households shopping health stores is nearly double the prior year by mid-February, a new Shopping Behavior Index reports. Find out more insights from this weekly index providing visibility into U.S. consumer buying behavior shifts driven by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
  • Why Retail Needs Physical Behavior Profiles

    Brick and mortar must stop wasting physical location data. For too long, physical retailers have relied on outdated tactics to attract shoppers. The real and continued threat of online shopping means that physical players must unlock all data points.
  • Yesway Enriches Its Security Operations

    Find out how insights uncovered by the convenience store chain's new solutions have helped Yesway reduce its shrink levels and improve the speed and efficiency of asset protection investigations.
  • Holiday Shopping Trends You Need to Know

    The official kick off of the holiday shopping season is just three weeks away, but it is never too late to gain a competitive edge. Check out these key shopper trends that will define the season and be better prepared for the holiday madness.
  • Which Retailers Got the Highest Grades for Back to School?

    Back to school is the second biggest shopping season and can make or break a retailer’s entire budget. See which retailers had the most successful season.
  • Three Ways Traffic Data Can Help Inform Labor Decisions

    Retailers already hear merry sounds of holiday shopper traffic as they ramp up for another busy season. Harnessing existing and historical traffic data can be a powerful tool in helping retailers get ahead. Review three ways traffic data can help drive positive results.
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