Transforming the Shopper's Journey to an Omni-Channel Model

It is important for retailers to increase the effectiveness of offers, promotions, personalization and relevancy. To achieve this they need to re-examine their approach to the fragmentation of the shopper journey from a linear path to a fluid omni-channel model. This session will explore data and research as well as include case-study insights from the speaker's recent work with Cabela's and others.
At the RIS News Retail Technology Conference, April 11-13 at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL Jeff Tanner, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing at Baylor University, will offer insights on how retailers make adjustments to their understanding of the shopper into one that is more relevant in an omni-channel world. Click here to find out more about this session and how to attend the 2012 Retail Technology Conference.