True Fit's Genome Platform Takes Data Mapping the Next Level

True Fit, footwear and apparel's discovery platform, at Decoded Fashion New York announced its Genome™ for footwear and apparel, mapped from the world's largest collection of attribute-rich fit and style data for footwear and apparel. This data set will uniquely connect the relationship between millions of shoe and clothing styles from nearly 10,000 brands to nearly 100 million consumers by year end.

True Fit's Genome marks a major evolution in the company's data platform for brands and retailers. Over several years, True Fit's proprietary data management infrastructure has organized and converted rich technical product data – millions of design and tech specs – from the footwear and apparel brands into personalized recommendations for consumers directly in market. True Fit's exclusive new system augments technical product data from brands with fit and style attributes about each item, identifying on average 181 attributes per item (e.g. points of measure, fabrication, stretch factor, silhouette, sleeve length, etc.) and then maps the relationships between product attributes and consumer preferences.  With more than 700,000 new SKUs added every month and growing rapidly, the Genome's ability to understand and connect product style attributes to consumer preference allows True Fit's engines to help retailers connect brands' products with consumers that will love and keep them with increasing relevance and efficiency.

"We're just starting to scratch the surface in terms of harnessing the potential of this incredibly connected data set," said Chris Moore, chief analytics officer, True Fit. "The Genome takes True Fit's massive structured data set to a deeper level of insight, and we're excited to officially be bringing it to market for use by the world's leading retailers, brands and consumers."

Prior to Genome, True Fit's database of technical product data has successfully powered its award-winning Confidence Engine™, which personalizes a retailer's entire catalog of products, instantly generating a personal fit rating and size recommendation for each shopper.  Users can also view detailed visuals to see how each item will fit in key body areas, ultimately encouraging them to buy more, and return less. The developments of the Genome now help to further unlock digital growth with True Fit's Discovery Engine™, which enables retailers to curate highly personalized collections for each consumer. The Genome also enables analytic tools for retailers and brands in True Insight™, providing unparalleled insights to optimize marketing, merchandising and product development. 

Harnessing True Fit's data translates to increased consumer confidence and big net revenue gains for retailers.  A recent independent A/B test for a major retailer conducted by Brooks Bell, the leading A/B testing optimization agency, proved that True Fit drove a 5.2 percent increase in net revenue versus control (traffic not exposed to True Fit).  For a $100-million digital retailer, that's $5 million in new incremental net revenue. True Fit expects incremental net revenue lift to continue to increase with the benefit of new insight from its Genome. At the same time, True Fit's consumer base continues to accelerate at a rate of more than one million new registered users per month, a figure that is expected to double over the holiday season. Retailer demand for True Fit continues to rise sharply as well, as the market understands the growing importance of organizing and mapping rich data.
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