Truecount and Motorola Partner for Retail RFID Solutions

Truecount Corporation, a provider of RFID software solutions for the retail industry, announced that it has joined Motorola Solutions' Partner Program to help provide industry-leading RFID hardware integration and solutions for Truecount clients across the retail supply chain. As a member of Motorola's channel program, Truecount Corporation, will leverage Motorola's advanced, quality-focused RFID technology to help retail clients dramatically reduce inventory and replenishment-related expenses, while boosting efficiencies and supply-chain visibility.
The announcement was made by Truecount CEO Zander Livingston. According to reports issued by Harvard Business School, the retail supply chain faces significant challenges relating to visibility and balancing inventory, with out-of-stock items costing the top 100 retailers an estimated $69 billion each year.
"Truecount's relationship with Motorola underscores our focus on achieving the highest return-on-investment (ROI) for retail verticals utilizing the most advanced RFID technology. Implementing Truecount's leading-edge software platform, designed specifically for retailers, in combination with Motorola's award-winning hardware, retailers can achieve unprecedented control over inventory and related work-flows," says Livingston. "Together, we reduce the costs and complexities of tracking assets throughout the supply chain with substantial uplifts in sales, customer satisfaction and ROI."
Livingston says that without an accurate view of what is happening within the supply chain, retailers cannot make accurate forecasts, control shrinkage or balance inventories. "Truecount's RFID platform, in tandem with Motorola RFID technology, can achieve up-to-the-minute inventory visibility that is 99+ percent precise. That degree of accuracy is a huge competitive advantage for any retailer."
As part of Motorola Solutions' channel program, Truecount will continue to focus on scalable, flexible RFID solutions for retailers of all sizes, from tier-two firms to the largest global chains. "The overall compound annual growth rate for RFID worldwide is twenty-eight percent for the period 2011 to 2013 and the retail industry is a huge part of that growth," says Livingston. "For retailers, the question is not if they will integrate RFID technology into their processes, but when. And when they decide, Truecount and Motorola will be ready with the right solution to meet their needs." 
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