Tyco Debuts Security Tag for Fine Fabrics

Tyco Retail Solutions unveiled an innovative new Sensormatic Acousto-Magnetic (AM) hard tag for delicate apparel and fine fabrics. The new tag is specifically designed to help retailers secure theft-prone, high-priced garments that previously could not be protected with traditional EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) hard tags. 

The new tag's small form factor, light weight and fine pin design are critical for preventing damage to delicate items and expensive, fragile fabrics such as silk, rayon and linen, while ensuring the trusted protection of genuine Sensormatic AM technology. With this ground-breaking new tag, retailers can showcase high-end merchandise confidently and improve conversion rates on high-margin products that now can be put on display.

According to the 2011 Global Retail Theft Barometer, the most theft-prone items in today's retail environment are apparel and accessories. To address this challenge, Tyco Retail Solutions developed an innovative magnetic sensor to safeguard specialty apparel including lingerie, blouses, scarves, sarees, and bathing suits - products that are prone to damage from standard EAS tag pins and sensor weight.

Retailers can expect:
  • No merchandise damage. Secures categories previously unprotected while reducing product damage.
  • Discrete protection. Weighs less than 5g, nearly 50 percent lighter than standard apparel security tags.
  • Maximum merchandising flexibility. Low tag profile allows for easier stacking of garments.
  • Innovative design. Non-slip pad and ultra-thin safety pin type tack provide added security and help prevent garment damage from merchandising and typical tag usage
  • Aesthetic value. Minimal visual impact due to smaller size and neutral color.
  • Compatibility. Works with standard Sensormatic magnetic tag detachers.
  • High-quality design. Suitable for most fine fabrics.
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