UNIONBAY Implements Supply Chain Solution

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Senior Editor
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Sportswear retailer UNIONBAY is upgrading its tech to allow for seamless, real-time interaction between different applications and systems.

The retailer has implemented and gone live on the latest version of Jesta I.S. Inc.’s foundational manufacturing, wholesale and supply chain product Vision Sourcing & Demand (Vision S&D).

UNIONBAY has been a Jesta I.S. client since 1997; the application upgrade provides them with new technology features and functionality. Jesta’s cloud Vision S&D is easy to maintain and upgrade, and it gives wholesalers and retailers the power to quickly scale when necessary.

UNIONBAY was established in 1981 and has been a household name for American sportswear for 40 years. The sportswear giant’s upgrade to the latest version of Jesta’s Vision S&D solution delivers new and enhanced APIs that allow seamless, real-time interaction between different applications and systems. UNIONBAY can now also more efficiently leverage core S&D capabilities including:

  • Material Resource Planning (MRP) for real-time demand planning
  • EDI transactions for quick, accurate and reliable document exchange
  • Sales Order Matching to easily connect open orders with available inventory

“Jesta’s Vision Sourcing & Demand software has powered UNIONBAY’s wholesale, distribution and supply chain operations for more than two decades,” said Michelle Moeller, VP of Operations at UNIONBAY. “This is a longstanding partnership supported by Jesta’s consistent Customer Support.”

Arvind Gupta, President at Jesta I.S., said: “We’re proud that UNIONBAY has put their trust in Jesta yet again. Jesta’s cloud Vision Sourcing & Demand software puts manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in control of their supply chain. Agile Demand Planning, Product Sourcing, and Procurement and Inventory Management technology are crucial to business resiliency and success.”