UNTUCKit’s Scale-Up Sees Workforce and Training Optimization

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Apparel brand and retailer UNTUCKit has partnered with digital workplace platform provider YOOBIC to optimize operations and streamline employee training across its 80-plus stores.

UNTUCKit, a digitally native brand that opened its first retail store in New York in 2015, expects the partnership to help it deliver strong and consistent experiences across all customer touchpoints. The company employs more than 700 people, and as it scales back up after the pandemic, it will leverage YOOBIC's technology digital workplace solution as a one-stop-shop for associate information.

A mobile app enables them to manage daily tasks, access virtual training, and give feedback and progress reports to their supervisors. In addition to localizing all information, YOOBIC’s technology also provides training via short quizzes and videos designed to keep employees on track without disrupting workflows.

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Mobile engagement features also enable them to connect with their supervisors; receive corporate updates for new policies, protocols and product categories; and roll out new in-store features, including merchandise displays and new promotion banners.

The platform also provides regional managers with visibility into each store's performance, training completion rates and policy compliance. 

“UNTUCKit is dedicated to delivering stellar experiences for customers both online and in our physical retail stores," said Brent Paulsen, UNTUCKit managing director, head of retail. "YOOBIC's digital workplace gives our associates the support and tools they need to dazzle our customers and deliver consistent excellence every single time someone walks into the store."

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