Value Chain

  • Value Chain Tech Study 2023

    For the first time, the annual Supply Chain Study, now in its fourth year, combines the vision and resources of RIS News and Retail Leader. This partnership achieves a robust expansion of the study’s scope and deeper insight into critical retail trends, and thus we’ve renamed it the “Value Chain Technology Study” to reflect the evolution of supply chain trends.
    value chain study
  • Walmart Supercharges Store and Supply Chain Upgrades Ahead of Holiday Season

    The retailer is revving up for the holiday season (and beyond) with a series of ambitious store improvements and supply chain upgrades. Get the details.
  • Registration Open for Inaugural Value Chain Tech Event

    Our inaugural event, co-hosted with Retail Leader, Value Chain Tech: The Next-Generation of Supply Chain, will be a culmination of extensive research, industry insights, and a commitment to bringing innovation to the core of your business operations.
    Value Chain Tech
  • Crocs Launches Takeback Pilot Program

    Crocs has initiated a retail takeback pilot program, aimed at enhancing its sustainability and circular economy efforts. The program encourages shoppers to bring their old Crocs shoes to select stores in ten states across the country, regardless of their condition.
  • Retail Technology Roundup for October 2023: News From Kroger Precision Marketing, Bamboo Rose, SymphonyAI, and More

    RIS News curates a roundup of October retail technology news ranging from acquisitions and surveys to environment goals and technology launches. Get the latest updates here.
  • Amazon Progresses on End-to-End Sustainability

    Amazon has been very vocal about its continued efforts to reduce carbon emissions and introduce sustainable business practices across its enterprise. The latest progress reports come from the company’s grocery segment, transportation fleet, and its tech offerings.
    Amazon Fresh
  • Connecting Pricing Across the Omnichannel Landscape

    In this infographic, learn how leading retailers like Walmart, Lululemon, Allbirds, and TJX Companies are overcoming common inventory challenges and thriving in an increasingly omnichannel retail environment.
    zebra teaser
  • Walmart to Break Ground on Next-Gen California Fulfillment Center

    Set to opening in 2026, the new space will be the fifth of Walmart’s “next generation” facilities bringing associates, technology, and machine learning together with a view to providing faster shipping and delivery to customers.
    walmart fc
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