Venus Group Streamlines Product Management With YuniquePLM

Venus Group, a California-based textiles manufacturer and distributor, has selected YuniquePLM™ to manage its global line of towels, bed sheets, table linens, hospital items and aprons. The company's brand names include Linea Roma™, Goldcrest™, Duratec™ and Treviso™. Venus operates offices and manufacturing centers in the United States, India and China.

YuniquePLM, designed specifically for the textile and fashion industries, features comprehensive functionality in a web-based platform that helps teams around the world communicate effectively, accelerate their workflows and reduce errors.

"Since 1972, our philosophy has been founded on product excellence, manufacturing expertise and technological innovation," said Karthi Gopal, corporate financial advisor for Venus Group. "To maintain our high quality standards throughout our supply chain involves a mutual drive only made possible through radical transparency and collaboration. As we embark on future growth, we foresee YuniquePLM helping us further improve our business processes and enabling increased collaboration between our teams."

Bill Brewster, vice president and general manager of Yunique Solutions, said, "Venus Group is a highly recognized company in the home goods and consumer products market. Their dedication to sustainability and quality really shows in all of their processes - starting with how cotton is sourced to its eventual construction. YuniquePLM enables companies to centralize data from various parts of the business into one homogenous platform that increases quality and efficiency while at the same time reduces costs." 
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