VeriVide Introduces DigiEye System for Digital Imaging

Keeping colour and visual assessment monitored and controlled, from concept to point-of-sale, has become increasingly critical with globalised manufacture. With the introduction of the DigiEye system from VeriVide, the future of colour and visual assessment is here: objective standardisation and conformity can be achieved efficiently.

DigiEye is a non-contact, digital imaging system that captures and measures colour and appearance. As well as solid colour or surface decoration, it brings previously unmeasurable items such as lace, buttons, marls and irregular samples into the digital communication stream.

This pioneering development integrates VeriVide's colour and visual assessment with unique digital technology. This results in unprecedented standards consistency of colour and visual assessment, which can be immediately communicated digitally.

Likewise, manufacturers ad retailers are using DigiEye technology as a tool to improve not just accuracy and assured repeatability, they are discovering the potential to transform supply chain colour and quality management by eliminating many causes of inefficiency, delay and the cost of non-conformity.

Much can be achieved with a spectrophotometer, which is ideal for flat solid colour. But there are many more complex issues regarding colour and appearance for today's manufactures and retailers, the market needs more. DigiEye can provide objective, digital measurements for not just colour, but also the wider aspects of appearance. This includes textures created by structure as well as yarn or fiber colour. So benefits are also applicable to lingerie and footwear for example, in fact any type of product with numerous components.

"If there are more issue s than a solid, flat colour to consider, the more DigiEye comes into its own league. DigiEye has the capability to go beyond what can be achieved with conventional spectrophotometers; it can measure what has previously been unmeasurable" adds Mick Butterworth, VeriVide's Colour Technical Manager.

-Ensuring colour standards are retained, with colour approval at any stage
-Colour development
-Sampling and lab dipping
-Production batch approval
-An alternative to sending physical samples
-If something isn't up to the mark, turnround on putting it right is reduced, it can all be on screen within a day, as fast as you can do another dye sample.
-Intermediate companies need the equipment and procedure and equipment approval from for example the retailer. For example with Next, the intermediary is now able to carry out all the checking.

The DigiEye system's hardware is designed to cover for all eventualities as applications continue to grow across a diversity of industries, from non-stable standards for food to the Large Area Imaging system that enables full garments or outfits to be colour assessed and recorded digitally in controlled and even illumination. The walk-in cabinet can accommodate three hangers of clothing side-by-side or two mannequins. Images can then be used for communication of colour and appearance of final approved product.

"Everything we do as a company is aimed at taking uncertainties and cost out of colour assessment, at every step from the design studio to point-of-sale," says Paul Dakin, VeriVide's Director. "With DigiEye we've packaged several major improvements on industry practice in one easy-to-use system. Everyone in the supply chain can now act on the basis of easily exchangeable digital data rather than someone's subjective opinion. DigiEye is so fast, accurate and foolproof that it's increasingly recognised as a must-have technology. The result is that DigiEye changes everything. ITMA Asia + CITME 2008 will give those who haven't yet had first-hand experience of DigiEye the chance to find out what they're missing."

Paul Dakin urges visitors to spend time talking to the VeriVide team, which also includes Michael Butterworth and Craig Taylor. They have world-class expertise in the technology and management of colour assessment and can provide advice on DigiEye applications. 'In the area of colour, DigiEye can achieve a level of measurement and communication previously impossible. Those visiting our stand will quickly understand and welcome the opportunities to see how DigiEye can transform what they do within their own company.' adds Paul Dakin. "It's a well proven but still relatively new system, so our customers are continuously discovering ways in which it can save them money and improve the level of service they offer."

Alongside the full-sized Large Area Imaging with DigiEye, VeriVide will be showing its industry-leading colour assessment cabinets, including the CAC 60 in both Marks & Spencer and USA standard specifications; the CAC 60 CU Conditioning cabinet; and the PAV Pilling Assessment Viewer.

VeriVide specialises in the design, development and manufacture of lighting and imaging equipment for visual and digital assessment of colour and appearance. With applications for any stage in the supply chain, VeriVide has enabled quality and efficiency improvements in colour and appearance in the textile industry for almost 50 years. VeriVide has pioneered and succeeded because of its innovations, not by copying.

The advantages to manufacturers and retailers have become established in all areas of the apparel and textile supply chain and VeriVide's expertise is now used to enhance quality and efficiency in a diversity of other manufacturing and process sectors ranging from graphics to food; in fact any area where colour or visual appearance is critical to success.

DigiEye is the latest innovation from VeriVide's pioneering R&D, which started in 1964 with the world's first successful D65 fluorescent artificial daylight lamp and subsequently incorporated into a range of colour assessment cabinets.

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