Vestique Chooses Springboard for Cloud POS, Retail Expansion

Vestique, a chain of women's fashion boutiques, chose cloud POS vendor Springboard Retail's platform as its foundation for aligning multi-store inventory, training employees and improving customer engagement as they expand across the Southeastern U.S.

Growing a retail chain that originally launched in 2010 as an ecommerce boutique, Vestique owners Morgan Lashley and Caroline King wanted a platform that was powerful, fast and efficient as they rapidly expand to multiple brick-and-mortar stores across North and South Carolina. With seven stores currently, Vestique needed a cloud POS that could quickly scale, manage multi-channel demands, and effortlessly handle inventory control and reporting - all in real time.

"We chose Springboard because it was powerful enough to meet our demands for multi-store inventory management and reporting requirements, but also easy enough to use, so we were confident that our seasonal employees could embrace it as well," said Lashley. "Springboard's ability to make our checkout process faster, as well as manage inventory across stores, has helped us to excel customer service and improve profit margins. The powerful reporting allows us to quickly identify what our customers really want, recognize what sells best in each different store, and in turn, make our buying more efficient, insightful and impactful on the bottom line."


?      Real-time inventory control and visibility: Springboard enables Vestique to better manage its buying habits based on insights of what's really selling across different stores. With Springboard's on demand inventory management and reporting, Vestique can better target and serve their customers, buy more efficiently, and cut down on the need for special sales to move unwanted inventory - increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.
?      Distributed order management: With Springboard, Vestique can fill orders placed on its website from any one of their stores. Further, associates can place customer orders in the store for items in stock elsewhere.
?      Easy, custom reporting to increase sales and profitability: Vestique uses Springboard's customized reports to track real-time actionable data on daily store performance, customers and inventory – to understand what is selling and who is buying, for smarter merchandising and special offers that increase profit margins.

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