Vesture Partners With Luxury Brands for Wardrobe Service

Vesture launched a one-of-a-kind suite of wardrobe management services to outfit leaders and help them build a wardrobe with purpose. Distinguished by its highly personalized approach, Vesture caters to the personal outfitting needs of the most discerning professionals in finance, real estate, sports, media and entertainment. From impeccable on-site tailoring and alterations, to made-to-measure suiting, style consultation and curating of complete wardrobes, Vesture accommodates the preferences of their clients at their private studio on Fifth Avenue in New York, or by visiting them at their office, home or hotels anywhere in the world.

"In my experience working with heads of businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes and entertainers, I found that because looking their best is a priority, they are willing to invest in their attire, but find the task of managing an up-to-date wardrobe burdensome or even overwhelming," says Franco Salhi, co-founder and President of Vesture. "We created Vesture to take care of every detail and make outfitting an efficient, convenient and enjoyable experience that's completely personalized to each individual's precise needs. That includes developing every client's wardrobe with a purpose, reflecting their personality, taste and professional goals. That way, they can live their life, and we can take care of their wardrobe in a way that fits them perfectly."

A perfect fit: highly personal, customized approach
Vesture is committed to relationship building and does so by guaranteeing a unique one-on-one experience for each client. Vesture's team of experts work to meticulously and seamlessly fulfill every outfitting need through any or all of the following wardrobe management services:
  • Wardrobe strategy: Working with client's individual goals by building and curating a wardrobe of professional and personal pieces based on their style preferences, travel habits, personal interests, budget and priorities.
  • Made-to-measure suiting and casual wear: Access to a wide range of made-to-measure suits and casual wear from some of the world's leading luxury brands to offer countless combinations of styles, fabrics and finishes.
  • Tailoring and alterations: State-of-the-art, expert in-house tailoring, by experts with extensive experience in luxury men's and women's apparel, of new or existing garments.
  • Style consultation: Guidance and procurement of outfits for public appearances, corporate functions, weddings and other special occasions.
  • Reinvesting: Facilitate the reinvestment of clients' clothing no longer in use to local charities that provide professional attire to those in need.
"Vesture takes the luxury wardrobe experience to its highest level," Nader Naemi-Rad, co-founder and CEO of Vesture. "The company was founded on the desire to serve leaders in a way that makes efficient use of their limited time and delivers value that measures up to their high expectations. We recognized that there is a void in the luxury retail market to truly give leaders whatever they want in a way that fits their lifestyle.

"That is why we have partnered with well-established luxury brands utilizing their designs, fabrics and manufacturing to give our clients the choice they desire and the confidence that their garments are made by the brands they trust," says Naemi-Rad. "Our focus is entirely on client service and how we can help our clients access, select and make the best use of the great products out there. That is what we are passionate about, and with this new venture, are now relentlessly focused on delivering for our clients."

Partnering with global luxury brands
Vesture has forged long-term strategic partnerships with several renowned global luxury fashion brands to offer clients a broad selection of products, fits and fabrics. Vesture provides its partners a specialized channel to connect to high-value consumers who typically do not frequent traditional retail channels. Through this service-centric model, Vesture's partners are assured that their collections are positioned and experienced to their fullest potential by a key consumer group.
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