ViewSpot Retail Platform Notifies When Display Devices Need Sanitizing

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Smith Micro Software’s ViewSpot retail platform will now facilitate contactless interactions between consumers and in-store mobile devices on display, as high-tech safety precautions become part of retail’s new playbook.

By leveraging facial detection capabilities available on smartphones and tablets, ViewSpot enables touch-free device interactions that provide pricing and other device information to customers. They also display on-screen sanitization notifications, intended to provide reassurance to consumers about the store’s safety precautions.

When a consumer is facing a device, ViewSpot’s touchless dynamic pricing functionality can launch on-device promotional content, even if the consumer is wearing a mask.

The demo devices will also display sanitization status notifications until they’re cleaned; once cleaned, retail associates must manually re-enable the sanitization notification on each device. The two-step process is designed to provide extra precautions for both retailers and consumers.

“Our company prides itself on developing the latest technology software solutions for both consumers and wireless carriers, and as the world of experiential retail marketing adapts to current events, it’s our job as the industry leader to respond with a solution,” said William W. Smith, Jr., president and CEO of Smith Micro, in a statement. “This new software functionality will help to minimize physical contact with in-store devices, while providing retail customers with the cellular product information they are looking for and our wireless carriers the valuable data they need to better serve their customers.”