Virtual Fireside Chat: Retail's Grand Re-Opening

After weeks, and in some instances months, of store closings in the face of COVID-19, retail has finally reopened. While stores were given the green light to resume operations, it has been anything but business as usual. Major restrictions are still in effect, with limitations on the number of customers allowed in stores, new pickup rules, personal protection equipment (PPE) mandates and more all contributing to the retail's new landscape.

To survive and thrive in this environment retailers must adjust their operational models and invest in the technologies that support the "new normal." However, winning requires more than donning masks and finding innovative ways to comply with social distancing mandates; it necessitates a foundational pivot that places the consumer at the center of all you do.

To uncover how retailers can successfully reopen stores while continuing to make safety the No. 1 priority, RIS hosted a virtual fireside chat with a leading authority on the in-store experience to discuss reopening strategy, customer engagement, fulfillment and the future of in-store CX.