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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Visual Analytics.

27th Annual Retail Tech Study

2017 RIS/Gartner Retail Technology Study: Reconnecting with the Consumer

Find out in the 27th Annual RIS/Gartner Retail Technology Study how retailers are responding to fast-moving changes in the marketplace by investing in game-changing technology.

Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study 2017: Building an Insight-Driven Organization

Download RIS/CGT's latest analytics research report and benchmark your organization's analytics maturity against the industry leaders. 

President of Harley-Davidson of New York City, Asaf Jacobi, owns three locations and has the rights for Harley Davidson in the New York City area. Find out how Artificial Intelligence platform “Albert” helps leads and sales skyrocket at NYC’s Harley-Davidson franchise.

New technologies are being introduced at an unprecedented pace, making truly game-changing innovations more difficult to pick out from the crowd. Check out RIS’ annual Critical 5 report and uncover the technologies that are having the biggest impact on retail today and should be on every retail executive’s radar. 

The user experience (UX) for in-store technologies requires a lot of time and focus to execute just right, including interface design, task flow, and usability. Discover why UX is very much considered to be an aesthetic issue.

Spurred by consumers’ love affair with smart mobile devices, retailers have been diving into mobility initiatives with unaccustomed speed. But moving mobile to the next level will require retailers to use its unique strengths to fill the current gaps in their overall customer experience.

The LEGO store implements state-of-the-art computers to offer a hands-on experience.

RFID solutions are updating to include Bluetooth, UHF and more

Interactive displays influence shoppers purchases with relevant information

Rookie USA uses Tensator Virtual Assistant, an HD projection technology displaying the image of the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony.

Ever-increasing customer touchpoints are generating larger amounts and new types of data and there are bigger internal audiences for business intelligence insights within the retail enterprise.

Barcode scanners adapt to include QR codes, Bluetooth and more