Von Maur Optimizes Retail Operations with Oracle Retail Merchandising Suite

Von Maur department stores has rolled out the Oracle Retail Merchandising System suite of applications to support same-store revenue growth, as well as expansion into new markets. With the Oracle Retail system supporting its e-commerce site and 26 stores, the retailer is able to respond more quickly to customer demand, maintain appropriate inventory levels, and increase sales by having the right products in the right location.
"At Von Maur, it's about providing our customer with the best service possible, while simultaneously offering a unique mix of products," said Joy Place, vice president of merchandising for Von Maur. "Oracle Retail solutions have helped to optimize our operations. Achieving the balance between inventory levels and customer satisfaction has been key to our success, and we expect to maintain that balance in the future as we continue to grow."
Von Maur is using Retail Demand Forecasting to better understand trend information by store and SKU, anticipate out-of-stocks, and identify underperforming merchandise. The retailer has also leveraged Retail Merchandise Financial Planning to establish more consistent and accurate planning processes, enabling it to improve in-season budgeting and gain a more consistent view and overall analysis of budgets.
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