Wakefern Rolls Out Computer Vision to 50 Stores

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Wakefern Food Corp. is expanding its shelf camera based computer vision pilot with Focal Systems from four to 50 stores. The technology captures images of store shelves to monitor SKU counts and generates hourly data to help optimize inventory and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

“Focal Systems’ out-of-stock detection through computer vision and artificial intelligence has enabled us to automatically identify shelf gaps,” said Cheryl Williams, CIO of Wakefern. “Each detection is sent directly to Wakefern’s proprietary mobile application, which prioritizes out-of-stocks by department, aisle, and in-stock availability. Our stores have seen time savings and operational improvements by incorporating the new information into their daily tasks. This early success has encouraged our members to opt into a 50-store pilot expansion this autumn.”

By eliminating the need to manually scan for out-of-stock items, Focal’s solution allows store associates to focus more on customers. Focal has deployed its system to over 10 retailers worldwide and continues to improve the technology while building the operating system for retail stores of the future.

“Customer expectations are high and retailers want to deliver on those expectations,” said Francois Chaubard, CEO of Focal Systems. “Focal Systems provides the real-time data retailers need to run their stores efficiently. The system delivers insight into what’s happening throughout the store and allows for better decision making by delivering alerts on out-of-stocks to store associates, merchandising teams and supply chain systems.”