Walmart Canada Store First to Achieve Zero Waste

The Walmart Canada store in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia achieved an estimated 98% waste diversion rate from landfill in 2009, exceeding the 95% threshold that marks zero waste. For 2009, this represents almost 558 million kg (253 million pounds) of waste that was not sent to a landfill.

The store is the first in Canada to achieve this goal, and it was honored with the Mobius Award for Environmental Business of the Year from the Resource and Recovery Fund Board of Nova Scotia.

"It is a remarkable achievement and we are very proud of our Bridgewater associates," said Jim Thompson, chief of operations for Walmart Canada. "As one of the three sustainability objectives for Walmart Stores worldwide, our zero waste program is not only good for the environment, it is good for the bottom line."

The other sustainability goals, which are shared with Walmart globally, are to be supplied 100% by renewable energy and to sell products that sustain people and the environment.

Steps taken by the Bridgewater store to zero out landfill waste include:
--Customers and staff now use waste sorting stations
--Use of reusable plastic crates rather than cardboard boxes
--Recycling of cardboard used in the store
--Switching to reusable signage for promotions
--Lunch room is now Styrofoam free
--Addition of a full-time position to manage the waste program
--Tripling of the compost output over the past year.
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