Walmart Dresses Up Fitting Room Experience With Virtual Tech

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
Several Walmart models for the company's new virtual fitting room
Source: Walmart

Online Walmart consumers can forget having to order multiple test sizes and dealing with the hassle of returns.

The company just launched virtual tech to improve the fitting room experience for customers of all shapes and sizes. 

Following its acquisition of Zeekit — a virtual fitting room platform — Walmart is now implementing its Choose My Model experience across its Walmart app and 

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Currently, consumers can select from 50 models between 5’2” – 6’0” in height and sizes XS – XXXL to best represent their height, body shape, and skin tone, and display how an item will look on them. Walmart says it will continue to expand its model selection, with nearly 70 additional options representing a wider selection of sizes, skin tones, and hair colors launching in the next several weeks.

Walmart models for new virtual fitting room technology
Source: Walmart

Choose My Model is available on select items across its portfolio of brands like Free Assembly, Scoop, Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara, ELOQUII Elements, Time and Tru, Athletic Works, Terra & Sky, No Boundaries, Avia, and The Pioneer Woman. 

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The company will also be adding national brands like Levi’s and Hanes on and Walmart Marketplace, continuing to expand in the coming months. Eligible brands and products will feature a prompt to select a model on the item page. 

Watch a video of the new offering here:

During the initial announcement, Walmart stated that by leveraging Zeekit’s technology of real-time image processing, consumers would also be able to upload their own image to try on clothing virtually. 

A Digital-First Strategy

Denise Incandela, EVP of Apparel and Private Brands for Walmart U.S. said the company is focused on expanding its assortment of quality, on-trend and accessible apparel and accessories, as well providing a personal connection between Walmart and its consumers. 

“We have equally prioritized the introduction of new and innovative shopping experiences that make it easier to shop for clothes online,” she added. “With Zeekit, our goal is to deliver an inclusive, immersive and personalized digital experience that will better replicate physical shopping.

During a recent earnings call, Walmart U.S. president and CEO John Furner emphasized the importance of fostering digital relationships with both consumers and associates, especially as the company is leaning on a consumer-centric approach with consented, zero- and first-party customer data and engagement for 2022. 

Improving sizing accuracy can have an even bigger impact than a streamlined shopping experience, reducing the number of returns a retailer sees to cut down on unnecessary costs and boost consumer loyalty.

Incandela stated Walmart is also working on launching a virtual try-on experience for women’s apparel. Both in-store and online, the company has been investing heavily in opportunities for “digital exploration.”

“With Zeekit’s visionary team, powered by the Walmart global technology platform in partnership with our fashion merchandising and e-commerce site merchandising organization, we have the incredible opportunity to revolutionize how our customers shop for clothes online,” she said.

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