Walmart Engages Shoppers at Shelf with Mini LCD Screens

Walmart installed mini LCD screens in the laundry aisles of more than 3,000 of its stores last month. The three-inch screens air 60-second commercials for Purex Complete Crystals when shoppers press a button located near the screen. Walmart is then able to track the number of shoppers who press the button and compare it to sales results.
"Walmart felt that based on the need for education on the new item, this really made sense for their consumer," says Stephen Koven, senior brand manager of laundry care for Henkel North American, parent company of Purex. "If the consumer isn't fully understanding the product by just looking at the packaging, they have the ability to learn more."
The high resolution screens, along with a two-inch speaker and battery, are imbedded in a customized riser that accommodates four facings of the product. A blinking red light on the riser draws attention to a button on the display that allows shoppers to "press here to learn more."
Prior to the 3,000-store rollout, Walmart piloted the devices on endcaps in 1,250 stores for four weeks. The risers will remain on shelves for several months, according to published reports.

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