Walmart Finds a Use for Virtual Reality


Walmart is leveraging leading-edge virtual reality (VR) solutions to ensure employees are ready for the myriad challenges of customer service.

“In-store experiences can be hard to replicate or predict,” says Michelle Malashock, director of media relations and corporate communications for Walmart. “You don’t want to let associates learn from customer experience.”

To safely recreate certain high-pressure store scenarios, Walmart employs Oculus Go VR headsets for onsite training and Oculus Rift VR headsets for training at one of Walmart’s 200 regional employee academies. Walmart has placed four Oculus Go VR headsets at every Walmart supercenter, and two units to every Neighborhood Market and discount store in the US.

Employees can utilize the VR headsets to obtain a virtual, customer-eye view of a typical shopping experience. “You get to see the stress customers are under and why they act a certain way,” commented Malashock. “It’s like taking reps for football. You don’t want the first time your quarterback takes a snap to be at the Super Bowl. You want them taking snaps in practice with their teammates. Store associates don’t have that luxury.”

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