Walmart Labs Hiring 150 Retail Tech Positions

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Walmart Labs has launched a huge hiring effort for retail technology positions in San Bruno and Sunnyvale, CA, to continue the company's digital transformation. The retailer is seeking to fill 150 positions, Jenn Drago Ericksen, director, corporate communications, Technology / Walmart Labs, confirmed to RIS News.

Tech jobs are heating up as retailers are doubling down on their digital plans. Walmart's hiring spree comes on the heels of new Home Depot is hiring 1,000 tech positions. Walmart Labs' is seeking to fill a wealth of different positions, including data scientists, product managers, software engineers, and more. To view all open Walmart Labs jobs click here.

So what is Walmart Labs looking for when they hire?

"We’re looking for rare," Jeremy King, CTO, Walmart Labs, said in a Walmart Labs Tech Blog post. King said the company is looking for candidates with both tech and people skills.

"In my years of experience, I’ve developed a few points to encourage and attract multifaceted tech managers. A key step is valuing, selecting, promoting, and encouraging candidates with the right tech / people mix," he wrote. "We continue to build a company-wide culture that respects both sets of skills."

King also noted, "we love leaders and associates who ask questions and want to learn."

"Part of the advantage of working for a company like ours is drinking in the large amount of training that’s available," he wrote. "They include formal and self-driven tech-training programs on the latest tech skills and extend to deep dives for first time and experienced managers needing to learn how balance tech / leadership and of course to give better feedback and driving engagement."

“The Bay Area has some of the biggest tech companies, some of the best minds, and some of the most awesome technologists in the world,” King said in The Mercury News. “The fact that Walmart can attract the same caliber of talent as these tech giants is a testament to the scope, breadth, quality, culture, and impact of Walmart’s technology operations.”

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