Walmart Opens Door to Secure Delivery With Smart Garage Tech

Liz Dominguez
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Walmart expands delivery to in garage

Walmart+ members now have access to secure delivery and return management via smart garage technology. 

Walmart is collaborating with myQ to expand delivery capabilities through Walmart+ InHome. Members will soon be able to easily track and monitor the orders delivered to their garage. Additionally, the service will include returns, allowing consumers to easily send back items without needing to drop them off. 

Walmart+ InHome subscribers with myQ smart garage door openers will be able to select it as their default delivery method. Members without the tech will receive a free upgrade to make their existing garage door opener compatible.

Walmart associate delivering in garage

Users can secure, control, and monitor their garage via their smartphone with the myQ app. They can receive real-time alerts when the garage door is opened and remotely let anyone in using the app. 

Full-time, tenured Walmart associates will be assigned to the delivery so consumers have the peace of mind that a trusted and familiar face is behind every order. On delivery day, they will get one-time access to the garage via a myQ connected device. 

They'll put away the order in the garage (and – if available – the garage fridge,) sanitize surfaces they touched, and pick up any returns. Once the delivery is complete, they close the garage door to ensure the home and packages are secure.

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"The goal of Walmart+ InHome is to give our members convenience and choice and, over the last few years, we've discovered our in-garage delivery option is a popular choice among members," said Whitney Pegden, VP and GM, InHome. "We're really excited for myQ smart garage technology to help us reach more customers with a more seamless in-garage experience."

"With over 210 million packages having vanished from porches across the U.S. last year, many consumers feel the need to schedule their day around deliveries to ensure they get their packages and groceries," said Kiel Fitzgerald, senior director of delivery services for Chamberlain Group, parent of myQ technology. 

"In-Garage Delivery puts the customer in control with no need to schedule the day around deliveries – rain or shine, packages and groceries will stay safe inside the garage until someone is free to get them," Fitzgerald added.

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InHome was combined with Walmart+ earlier this year.Looking to provide a single, streamlined experience, Walmart merged the two standalone loyalty programs, now allowing new and existing members to choose the Walmart+ membership plan that most appeals to them based on the type of delivery they need. 

The collaboration marks the latest phase of Walmart’s loyalty initiatives, which seek to expand its rewards program to entice consumers in new ways. The company recently launched Walmart Rewards to give consumers an additional incentive for shopping through earned discounts.

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