Walmart Takes Disc-to-Digital

Walmart announced its new Disc-to-Digital service powered by VUDU. The new service allows for DVDs or Blu-ray movies to be converted to a digital copy that can be played on approved Ultra Violet-enabled digital devices. Customers can watch movies any time, anywhere with this streaming.
"Walmart is helping America get access to their DVD library," said John Aden, executive vice president for general merchandising at Walmart U.S. "Walmart Entertainment's new disc-to-digital service will allow our customers to reconnect with the movies they already own on a variety of new devices, while preserving the investments they've made in disc purchases over the years. We believe this revolutionary in-store service will unlock new value for already-ownded DVDs, and will encourage consumers to continue building physical and digital movie libraries in the future."
Partnerships are in place with Paramount Home Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment in an effort to stop theft and piracy by customers to make their own digital copies.
As of April 16, Walmart will offer the service at over 3,500 Walmart stores around the country. Digital versions of a normal DVD or Blu-ray disc to the same resolution digital copy will be two dollars and users can upgrade standard DVDs to HD quality for five dollars.

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