@WalmartLabs Defines the Role of the Data Scientist

The retail industry is literally fueled by big data, and the modern, personalized shopping experience is impossible without insights from the analysis of this never-ending data stream. As the importance of big data insight continues to increase so too has the profile of those charged with crunching the numbers.
The data scientist is in high demand, not only in retail but in every industry that values the insight that the analysis of large amounts of data can yield. Despite the significant demand for high-level data scientists the position is still steeped and mystery and not completely understood throughout the organization.
At the Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit, Esteban Arcaute, senior director and head of data science, @WalmartLabs will explore the key requirements of the position: strong skills in database architecture, BI reporting, data mining, strategic thinking, statistical analysis, and visualizing/reporting data findings in creative formats. He will examine these elements and the role of a data scientist within the organization to learn the truth about the typical work week, corporate expectations, hype, reality and misconceptions.
Arcaute earned a PhD and a MS from Stanford University in computational and mathematical engineering. He has been actively working on the foundations of electronic commerce since 2005, first as an academic researcher, publishing over 10 peer reviewed publications with over 15 researchers; then as an industrial researcher and thought leader. His current interests span from learning and control systems with a human in the loop, to advanced analytics and experimentation.
The 2015 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit will be held April 29-May 1 at The Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. The conference will feature keynotes from retail and consumer goods leaders, peer-to-peer exchanges, networking opportunities and relationship building. For more information, to view the full agenda, or to register for the event click here.