Warby Parker’s AR App Reimagines Eyeglass Shopping

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
a man wearing a suit and tie

Warby Parker is further disrupting the eyewear shopping experience with the introduction of “Virtual Try-On” to its mobile app.

The update to its iOS mobile application leverages Apple’s Face ID and AR tech, allowing customers virtually try on glasses before placing an order.

While the idea of a virtual try-on for eyewear is not unique, Warby Parker has taken the concept to the next level. Traditionally, these kind of try-on experiences simply place the image of the eyewear on top of an image of the user’s face. What makes the Warby Parker version unique is its ability to leverage augmented reality technology to provide a 3D rendering of the glasses and the customer’s face in real-time, giving the user a much better idea of how the physical glasses will look on their face.

Customers have the option to select frames for delivery for home try-on, save them to look at again later, or purchase in the app.

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