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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Wearables.

Building Solutions for the Future of Retail, One Person at a Time

Instead of the Orwellian future, let’s imagine one where workers, rather than being replaced by automation and technology, become deeply intertwined with it.

IKEA Expands Use of Wearables in Its DCs

Following a successful pilot IKEA is scaling its use of glove based wearable scanners in its warehouses. Learn the details and the benefits of the hands-free tech.

As retailers continue to build their digital capabilities and work towards a completely unified approach they are placing an increased emphasis on e-commerce firepower. See the major trends that will have the greatest impact over the next year.

Levi's and Google's year-long collaboration on wearable tech, dubbed Project Jacquard, has produced its first product. See what the partners have cooked up.

Brick & mortar stores could potentially revive in-store engagement with an increasingly mobile audience by using wearables. But how?

The new Apple Watch Nike+ integrates with the Nike+ Run Club app for motivation to go for a run, coaching plans, and guidance from coaches and athletes.

RIS News' annual look at the must-see sessions at retail's biggest event of the year.

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After disappointing sales results, Macy's says "we are not counting on consumers to spend more this year" and lays out three areas of action for 2016, including investing in front-line service, mobile technology, and wearable tech.

A gaze into the crystal ball reveals the companies most likely to top next year's top 10 specialty retailers list.

We are seeing the convergence of two trends: wearable devices that are controlled with one’s voice. Yet an important application of voice controlled wearable devices is being overlooked.

Determined not to become a relic, Fossil Group, Inc. is betting on its acquisition of Misfit, Inc., an innovator in wearable technology and connected devices, and its e-commerce growth to bring the fashion accessory company into the future.

The department store chains will begin accepting the NFC technology when it goes live later this month.

Find out how True Religion associates are being alerted on Apple Watches when loyalty members enter physical stores, and what they know about the consumer when they are.

Best Buy is expanding its store-with-in-a-store agreement with Verizon with the launch of mobile experience shops offering customized solutions based on shoppers' unique needs.

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