What Consumer Trends Influence Holiday Shopping in Canada?


As retailers and brands know, Canadians are already thinking about the December holidays. However, most are unaware of how many Canadian consumers are consulting online reviews or ratings before choosing which products to purchase. ChickAdvisor, a Canadian online review site, recently conducted a survey uncovering modern consumer trends.

This survey, distributed to more than 150,000 active consumers, revealed that Canadians spend an average of $925 during the holiday season. More interestingly, the survey revealed that 84.5 percent of Canadians read reviews before buying a new product and 73 percent will buy a product if it has positive reviews. With more than 14 million households in Canada, that means that at least $13 billion dollars are affected by these holiday shopping trends.

"ChickAdvisor is constantly working to satisfy the need for authentic consumer reviews," said Alex de Bold, co-founder of ChickAdvisor. "We've partnered with Tier A brands for years to help generate real conversations in the consumer market. Word-of-mouth and online reviews are still the main drivers for purchase decisions. Consumers want to know that real people — not just influencers — trust the products they're buying."   

With its unique retail expertise, ChickAdvisor has carved a section of the Canadian market completely devoted to authentic information sharing, to and from real consumers. Since 2014, the company has tracked more than 530 million social media impressions from community members rating and reviewing the products provided by partner brands.

Last year alone, ChickAdvisor had 2.4 million consumers view product reviews on their website, with over 60 per cent coming from organic participants. With ChickAdvisor, all of these consumer reviews are shared via personal social media networks, which in turn capitalize on an authentic market and encourages new brand conversations.

"With the U.S. dollar not being in our favour, Canadians should really start thinking about how to spend thoughtfully," added de Bold. "From personal and professional experience, a lot of impulse shopping happens during the holiday season. People do research ahead of time before buying something so they know the true value of what they're getting."

With more than 500,000 reviews on the platform, ChickAdvisor has catered to modern consumption habits for more than 10 years by creating advanced brand-consumer partnerships and developing proprietary brick-and-mortar retail technology.

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