Which College Football Fans Are Big Spenders? 'Bama, FSU Lead The Pack, Says Shopatron

The NCAA college football playoff games have been announced, and all the experts are weighing in on which team will be the national champs. But which teams are winning the retail game? According to leading e-commerce order fulfillment provider, Shopatron, die-hard fans of Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Oregon have been putting their "money where their mouths are" by purchasing jerseys, jackets, hats and other accessories to support their favorite teams.  Shopatron's data, based on orders from a major U.S. sports apparel retailer, shows:
  • Since the playoff teams were announced on Dec. 7, Alabama has sold 332 percent as much merchandise as Ohio State and Florida State has sold 94 percent as much merchandise as Oregon.
  • For all of 2014, Alabama has averaged 61.6 percent higher sales revenue per month over Ohio State.
  • Although in recent weeks Florida has been outselling Oregon, but for all of 2014, the Oregon Ducks have been outselling Florida by an average of 11.3 percent a month.
  • Florida State fans have bought more merchandise overall since the teams were announced on Dec. 7, but Oregon Ducks fans appear to be more die-hard, with an average order value 55 percent higher than Florida fans. 
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