Which U.S. City Boasts the Most Fashionable Men?

Why didn't "Sex in the City" ever highlight the male fashion in New York City? Probably because the Big Apple may be a hub for well-dressed women, but Chicago harbors the Most Fashionable Men in America.

Fashion-forward men are recharging luxury buying in the U.S., but it's not just cars and designer watches anymore. American men have graduated to share their female counterparts' appreciation for designer clothing. According to SeekingMillionaire.com's survey, 87 percent of men spend 43 percent of their income after taxes and necessities on retail therapy.

The leading millionaire dating website and authority on the habits of the 1 percent, SeekingMillionaire.com, conducted a study revealing that men spend more than women per item on designer clothing. This data was combined with a survey of women from each U.S. city asking whether the men in their cities were well-dressed. Using these findings, the site is releasing the list of American Cities with the Most Fashionable Men.

Cities with the Most Fashionable Men (based on retail spending habits and 13,110 women)

1. Chicago

2. Boston

3.  Austin, Texas

4. San Francisco

5. Hartford, Conn.

6. Savannah, Ga.

7. Providence, R.I.

8. New York City

9. Columbus, Ohio

10. Los Angeles

"There's an old saying that says: a well-tailored suit is like lingerie to a woman's eyes," says founder and CEO, Brandon Wade. "Fashion sense is more than just color coordination and style. Women naturally associate fashion sense with a big wallet, which is an important factor when considering a potential partner."

When it came to retail, men distributed their clothing budget as follows, according to a survey of 10,406 men:

Shoes – 26 percent

Shirts — 22 percent

Pants — 19 percent

Suits or Formal Wear – 7 percent

Accessories — 17 percent

Other - 9 percent
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