Who Was the Social Media Mayor at RES?

When it comes to social media, quality certainly trumps quantity. You can send out Tweet after Tweet, but if they are not read and distributed by your followers they will create no action.

At the Retail Executive Summit held June 17-19 at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California, RIS News held its first every Twitter contest to uncover the most influential Tweeter at the event. The contest was not only a fun and engaging way to drive social interaction among the RIS community it highlighted the importance for retailers to pinpoint their social media champions.

The contest, which was run by Connected Action consulting group, analyzed each Tweet sent before and during the event with hashtag #2015RES attached. Tweeters are scored on the magnitude of their Tweets, re-Tweets, favorites and comments.

The entire social media graph for the event is below.


The most influential Tweeter for the event and the "Mayor" of RES 2015 was claimed by AirTight Networks, @airtight, and Ricardo Belmar, director, product marketing and product management at Hughes, @ricardo_belmar. Congratulations to Ricardo and AirTight — the two swapped positions throughout the contest.

Here is a quick look at how the context unfolded:

The Friday June 19 leaderboard showed Ricardo in the lead: 

The one-week ranking had Airtight in the top position:

The three-week ranking has Airtight at the top:

How the Ranking System Works
The ranking system is based on the network metric called "betweenness centrality" — a measure of how "central" someone is within a web of relationships.

For each map and report a collection of tweets that all share a common keyword — in this case 2015RES — is analyzed and connections are created whenever one person says the name of another person.

The resulting collection of connections is analyzed using network methods to find the people who sit closest to the center of the network.

Some top Tweets posted during the event: