Why Amazon Is a Very Real Threat to Apparel Brands This Holiday

Onestop Internet, the full-spectrum ecommerce and omnichannel solutions provider, released survey results validating the very real threat that Amazon brings to apparel brands banking on online sales this holiday season.

Of the 57 percent of respondents saying they plan to purchase apparel online this holiday season, 64 percent said they intend to buy apparel from Amazon. This puts significant pressure on brands already facing constant challenges in today's competitive retail climate.

"We always hear about Amazon being a threat to retailers like Wal-Mart, but we rarely discuss the web giant as a viable competitor to individual fashion brands," said Michael Wang, president and CEO of Onestop. "We are advising our portfolio of premium apparel brands to take note and adjust their holiday strategies accordingly."

Per the survey results, social media should play a key role in apparel brands' digital strategies heading into holiday. More than half (55 percent) of respondents who plan to purchase apparel online this holiday season said they would be much more likely to purchase apparel if they saw a discount promoted on social media.

Online shopping will play a key role in retail sales, in large part because of the transparency it provides shoppers. 44 percent of shoppers who prefer to buy apparel online value the ability to compare prices. Brands need to make sure their online inventory is priced competitively and that value is clearly communicated to drive direct sales.