Why Do People Go Shopping?

The primal urge to spend money may be one of the reasons why people go shopping at the mall or retail store, but it's not the only reason. In fact, the desire to spend money could be one of the least important factors that motivates customers to go to a particular store.

So, what really makes consumers shop where they do? According to a New York-based retail interior design expert, it's all about the store's atmosphere.

Says Joseph Demeri, CEO of Exclusive Retail Interiors, "People need a reason for walking into a store. Consumers identify with the sights, sounds and even smell to associate themselves with a particular brand. The way a store looks from the outside, and what a customer sees, hears and smells when they go inside the store, greatly affects the retail experience."

According to Demeri, a consumer's relationship with a product represents a real culture. The way a customer associates and connects with a brand has a direct correlation to purchases. If stores make the retail experience special for their customers, if they make it unique, if they connect with a customer's sense of sight, sound and, yes, even smell, people will buy more. And, getting customers to buy improves the retailer's bottom line.

Helping stores dramatically improve profit margins is what Demeri's company, Exclusive Retail Interiors, is all about. How does Demeri and his team do it? By using their 75-years of combined experience and state-of-the-art technology capabilities to design new product fixtures, or enhance a store's existing Jdisplays.

Says Demeri, "Our portfolio of work includes projects selected from an array of interior retail design spaces that cover all aspects of product space, from manufacturing to display, and showcasing every detail associated with the specific brand. At Exclusive Retail Interiors, we indulge ourselves into a store's total atmosphere, and work with our clients to create a very special shopping experience for consumers."

Today's retail world is ultra-competitive. That's why the atmosphere in which products are purchased is just as important as the products that are being sold. Retailers who deliver a special, fresh and exciting shopping experience to consumers will come out ahead with a greatly-improved bottom line.

Exclusive Retail Interiors is a custom store fixture provider that caters to both the U.S. and international retail industry.  The company offers state-of-the-art design, engineering, fabrication, project management, and fixture installation, with domestic and import capabilities.

Exclusive Retail Interiors specializes in the comprehensive project management of store fixture programs including designing, store fixture engineering, manufacturing and supplier as well as store fixture installation services and retail store interior design.
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