Why Retailers Should Take Note of Walmart’s Exclusive Newsstand Offering

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Why Retailers Should Take Note of Walmart’s Exclusive Newsstand Offering


A new publication dubbed Whoa, Wait hit Walmart newsstands exclusively on September 10th and will remain for 90 days. 

Bauer Media USA, the publisher of Woman's World and First for Women, is behind the 104-page Whoa, Wait. magazine. It's notable the retail behemoth is the exclusive distributer since the publication is inspired by the Whoa, Wait. Walmart? microblog on Instagram. The magazine pages are filled with “great products, at the best prices, that can be found in Walmart stores across the country.”

Bethany Halford and Amanda Jerkins have been sharing “the best of Walmart” since 2013 on their Instagram account, @whoawaitwalmart, which has nearly 300K followers. 

The special issue features products from the most heavily traveled sections of the store with focus on fashion and décor, parenting and home life and recipe ideas for easy, healthy meals.  Pages throughout Whoa, Wait include QR-code-enabled Click2Cart technology from SmartCommerce, for a seamless shopping experience.

When readers flip through the magazine and come across a QR code, they can simply open their iPhone camera, point it at the QR code, and it takes the reader to Walmart.com. The Smart Commerce technology populates the items on the print page automatically into the Walmart.com shopping cart.  They then just press “checkout.” 

"Bethany and Amanda, the team behind the Whoa, Wait. Walmart? brand, have built a large and engaged audience of Walmart shoppers who simply can't get enough of their handpicked, affordable offerings,” said Steven Kotok, CEO & President, Bauer Media USA.  “Their successful blog and large digital following provide a great foundation for this brand extension.”

"We couldn't be more excited about this special issue and the opportunity to bring our Whoa, Wait. Walmart? followers fresh content in a completely new format," said Halford.  "Being able to share so much of what we love from Walmart, at Walmart, is just thrilling—and partnering with a publisher like Bauer who knows how to reach its readers makes it that much more exciting," added Jerkins.