Why Your Omnichannel Strategy Needs the Cloud

The omnichannel business model continues to drive the new era of retailing, yet omnichannel retailing complicates already complex business operations. To help with this, retail companies are transitioning to cloud computing.
Unlike rigid mainframe- and legacy-based systems, cloud is an open, scalable infrastructure that can be accessed on a “pay-as-you-go,” license model. The hosted environment enables retailers to access dedicated applications over the web — a configuration that delivers more agility and lower investments than traditional IT software.
The tight integration that cloud platforms exhibit enables companies to more seamlessly adopt the critical — and multiple — applications that drive omnichannel operations. Between the speed, efficiency and cost benefits these web-sourced applications deliver, cloud clearly gives companies a business advantage among competitors that still struggle to deliver innovative business opportunities, as summarized in “Method and Practices: Cloud in Retail,” a report form IDC Retail Insights.
For more information on Charting the Path that Links Technology and Business Goals, download the full report, “Supercharging Cloud Platform Rollouts.”
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