Will Duncan & Associates, LLC Acquires [TC]2's Industry Services

Will Duncan and Doug Adams announce the launch of their newly formed apparel consulting firm, Will Duncan & Associates, LLC (WDA).  The move follows the recent restructuring of [TC]2, (see related story) in which that organization’s Industry Services training and consulting activities have been transferred to WDA.  WDA has assumed responsibility for all existing and new projects.

As executive vice president of [TC]2, Duncan was a part of building its Industry Services Division, developing the team to support it, and led its training and consulting activities for many of his 25 years with [TC]2. Doug Adams is an industry veteran with more than 40 years of  experience from the production floor to the board room. For the past nine years he served as director of manufacturing services for [TC]2.

Duncan and Adams say they will use the same team of consultants that has established a "reputation for excellence in helping companies." A cornerstone of WDA is the application of 'lean' principles and the implementation of 'lean' practices to help companies improve their business processes and manufacturing systems, from product development through distribution.

WDA is a member of [TC]2, SEAMS, and SPESA and current members of these organizations will receive a discount on services provided by WDA.

For additional information contact Will Duncan at [email protected].

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