Will EVERYSTORE Disrupt Fashion Etail By Aggregating 1,000 Retailers in One Site?


EVERYSTORE, a shopping website that aggregates and categorizes over 1,000 retailers, 22 million products and 25,000 brands in one place, has launched. EVERYSTORE offers multiple high-tech features including Try It On with Head Swap, Guides, Pinterest integration, ProductMatch™, visual search, price comparisons and more. Every night product feeds are pulled and new products, prices, photos and discounts are updated and organized for easy viewing and shopping. Shoppers can also customize their feed to list only their favorite stores or choose to search them all.

“When consumers shop online, they tend to play it safe and stick to the colors, brands and styles they know. EVERYSTORE’s goal is to break that barrier,” said Ryan Sit, CEO of EVERYSTORE. “We want to take away the guesswork and provide all the information you need to make a decision and feel confident about purchasing a product.” 

EVERYSTORE’s Try It On with Head Swap: this is the first time shoppers can instantly try on millions of products from the comfort of their own home. EVERYSTORE is the first to leverage the newly available WebRTC standard for browser camera access, plus javascript face recognition to provide Try It On with Head Swap with no software install (Patent Pending). Preliminary data has shown a 6% increase in sales and 8 percent decrease in returns on products that work with this feature.

EVERYSTORE Guides: this feature includes trend analysis, price comparisons and upfront store information on each and every item. EVERYSTORE Guides keep shoppers informed on each product before making a purchase. The trend is summarized into a simple text description allowing shoppers to know if the style is trending up or down. The trend data also allows EVERYSTORE to be the first to accurately list the top current Fashion Trends. Price comparisons show if the product is high or low compared to similar items. Shoppers can also see similar items that are more or less expensive. Furthermore, it lists if a store provides free shipping, free returns, guest checkout, PayPal and customer service contact information.

EVERYSTORE ProductMatch™: this is a proprietary algorithm that retrieves over 25 ranked similar items for each item in EVERYSTORE. Similarity with other items is determined by a combination of human curation, artificial intelligence, computer vision image analysis, keywords in the title and attribute value matches. The team of five curators supplement the algorithms by adding additional matches to help the ProductMatch™ system better understand product verticals. The artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms scan through millions of product images and data points to find and rank the best product similarity recommendations.

Fashion Feed with Pinterest: Fully integrated with Pinterest, shoppers can create personalized Fashion Feeds. It also allows shoppers to collect Pins from EVERYSTORE into a universal wish list with continually updated pricing and availability.

Visual search: this feature for shopping was pioneered in 2008 by EVERYSTORE's parent company, PicClick LLC. PicClick.com was the first to provide full-screen search result with a zoom slider for thumbnails at any size. PicClick also was one of the first websites to support infinite scroll, HD/Retina images, and horizontal scroll galleries. These innovative features catapulted PicClick to the #1 tool for eBay power buyers since 2008. With visual search,EVERYSTORE maximizes the amount and speed of viewing product images.

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