Wincor Nixdorf Introduces Environmentally Friendly POS System

Wincor Nixdorf introduces the environmentally-conscious Beetle / M-II plus hardware platform for the retail industry.

The foremost Beetle / M-II plus technology, which is equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, is designed for multi-functional POS platforms and back office applications on a platform operating on a fraction of the power previously required to effectively run this type of advanced technology. This is made possible by the energy-efficient micro-architecture of the Intel processors and 80 plus power supply units.

Beetle / M-II plus is designed for checkout services that integrate Internet and multimedia content. Depending on a particular retailer's needs, it can choose from three performance classes from the Intel Core Solo and Duo processor generations the configure the number of I/O interfaces and drive options to run POS systems most efficiently throughout its network. By utilizing the Beetle suite, users can select the configuration that meets their specific requirements.

Continuing Wincor Nixdorf's global "green" IT initiative to reduce CO2 emissions by IT systems, the Beetle / M-II plus uses Intel processors that consume more than 30 percent less power. By utilizing the systems 80 plus power supply units, the system has an 80 percent efficiency rate, 30 percent beyond that of conventional supply power units. Moving forward, all Beetle models will be equipped with 80 plus power supply units through 2008 and beyond.
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