Winn-Dixie Unveils Store Remodeling Plans, New Rewards Program

Winn-Dixie unveils its latest initiatives, a new Fuel Perks program and plans to remodel 60 stores. The retailer's new Fuel Perks program allows customers to earn gas discounts at Shell branded and other participating gas stations every time they shop in any of the 51 Winn-Dixie stores in the Jacksonville, FL area.

"Fuel Perks affords our customers tremendous value and helps stretch their paychecks just a little further during these difficult economic times," says Peter Lynch, Chairman, CEO, and President, Winn-Dixie. "We are confident that programs such as this will help us drive increased sales or at least mitigate the effects of the economic environment."

Winn-Dixie also announces it plans to remodel a total of 60 stores in fiscal 2010, 27 of which have already been completed. "While this is 15 fewer than we originally targeted, we believe it is an appropriate number given the difficult environment," says Lynch. "In picking the 60 stores we have chosen to remodel this year, we'll be concentrating our resources in those markets that are faring better in the economic downturn and away from markets that have been particularly hard hit and therefore offer less potential at this time for sales lift."

Lynch adds, "In choosing which stores to remodel we conduct a careful analysis and many factors including the capital required, the potential for sales lift in one location versus another, and how various options will affect our brand image. This analysis is done with and eye towards optimizing the return on our investment and preserving liquidity."
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