Wireless Devices Enable Retailers to Improve Productivity.


Wireless devices enable retailers to improve productivity. Using the latest generation of mobile technology, retail organizations can respond to customer needs faster and improve employee collaboration. Newer devices also can reduce long-term costs associated with replacing legacy systems. Today's mobile technology features lower hardware costs and reduced wireless service charges.

Product Labeling

Epson's Mobilink wireless mobile printer is designed for high-speed, mobile, thermal label and barcode printing. Mobilink has a battery life of up to 10 hours with 802.11b and up to 20 hours with Bluetooth models. It includes an automatic label peeler and prints labels for products, shelf tabs, barcodes and markdowns. The wireless printer is compatible with most POS systems and comes with ESC/POS, OPOS and JPOS.

Integrated Communication

Symbol's MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) provides employees on the retail floor with multi-mode communications, including cellular voice/data communications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enable real-time access to people, information and critical business applications. Multiple scanning and imaging options enhance worker accuracy and productivity when collecting, and entering information from the point of service.


Fujitsu's wireless iPad includes a laser scanner, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader and keypad with encryption for secure debit transactions. The LCD screen has a TFT touch screen for wide-angle viewing. The iPad allows retailers to page a manager for information including check verification and price overrides, and contact other stores for product availability.

Mobile Barcode Printer

Sato America's mobile barcode printer, MB200i, includes a 32-bit CPU for high throughput printing speeds of up to four inches per second. The onboard mobile processor reduces power consumption by shutting down any unneeded or idle on-chip circuitry and doubling operation time per battery change. Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless Ethernet connectivity also are available as optional interface modules.

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