WorkJam Goes Live With Next-Gen Enterprise-Class Messaging

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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WorkJam has unveiled its new fully-integrated messaging system. The upgrades allow employers to provide more robust, secure, direct communication between managers and associates. The new functionality further streamlines communication — creating a unified employee experience across an ever-growing number of channels, devices, and touchpoints to improve workplace efficiency and satisfaction.

The straightforward, closed-network messaging system enables employers and employees to send direct messages and share files within secured chat rooms, which can be created to address one-off issues or maintain an ongoing conversation. The chat system ultimately allows for quick decision-making based on actionable information accessible on mobile devices, improving efficiency for both employers and employees.

Without a designated communication solution in place, employees turn to commercial chat options to have conversations about work. While these solutions allow employees to communicate freely, managers and head office have no way of auditing interactions to ensure compliance to corporate standards nor can they be assured of data security.

“Employers’ lack of sanctioned messaging applications has forced today’s hourly workforce to adopt external, unsecure communication platforms,” says Vincent Drouin, VP of corporate & product strategy at WorkJam. “With WorkJam’s closed-network chat system, employers can manage shared content and digital assets, increasing company security and giving managers and their associates a streamlined channel of communication.”

The new messaging functionality further supports other features of the WorkJam Digital Workplace. Together in one platform, simple communication compliments modules like task management, scheduling, and training. The unified platform enables the head office, regional, district, and location managers to bring agility to how they manage operations.

“Given today’s tight labor market, employers can’t afford to lose an opportunity to cultivate a memorable workplace culture,” says Steven Kramer, CEO and co-founder of WorkJam. “By allowing frontline employees to communicate effortlessly in real-time on a corporate-sanctioned platform, they are able to create meaningful connections with each other. This type of company culture can make an organization an employer of choice, leading to operational efficiencies and reduced turnover.”

WorkJam’s chat upgrades equip non-desk workers with the ability to share tactics that help them better serve customers. Further, the system enables employees to ask questions and receive answers without having to physically search for a manager. This increased efficiency in task execution allows associates to quickly collaborate, make decisions, and create more memorable customer experiences.