X-Rite Releases New Color Tool

X-Rite Incorporated, a global color science and technology company, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, debuted the new Judge QC light booth designed to help both industrial companies and commercial printers better simulate and evaluate colors under a range of lighting conditions. The Judge QC features five light sources, including a Dual Daylight Option that allows users to easily switch between D50 lighting for print and D65 for industrial applications. With the new booth, quality control professionals in the paint, plastics, textiles and commercial printing and packaging industries will be able to more accurately evaluate incoming materials, samples and final products for color consistency and physical defects.

"Precise control of lighting conditions is critical to the effective visual evaluation of color," says Chris Winczewski, vice president of product marketing, X-Rite. "The impact of getting color wrong can be significant -- rejected final products, increased costs and rework, longer time to market, and dissatisfied customers. For optimum results, samples should be examined using a light booth with the ability to duplicate almost any lighting environment. This flexibility allows you to determine how your color will look in the factory, a fluorescent-lit store, a home environment, outdoors, or wherever else your products will be seen. The new Judge QC light booth does just that."

The Details

The Judge QC light booth is designed specifically to meet the requirements of industrial operations where color control is critical. The Judge QC delivers:

Consistent fluorescent illumination that complies with major international standards including ISO, ASTM, DIN, ANSI and BSI visual assessment requirements.
Dual Daylight Option for easy switching between light sources in situations where operators may need to view samples under both lighting conditions.
A lamp service indicator light to help ensure lighting consistency by notifying users when light sources need replacement.
Dedicated D50 and D65 light sources for print and industrial applications. Tungsten (A), UV and fluorescent lamps are also included.
Durability and easy cleaning thanks to metal construction and a powder coating finish.   
Optional pre-certified lamp packs that include a calibration certification which an X-Rite service technician or user can easily install.
For more information about X-Rite lighting solutions, please visit http://www.xrite.com/macbeth-lighting.

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