Xperia Adds Advanced Querying to BI Solutions

Xperia Solutions has developed an Advanced Query Reporting tool for its Connectiv and Comprehensiv Business Intelligence Solutions.

The Advanced Query Reporting tool allows end users to build their own custom queries by selecting a primary module from a list of query-enabled modules within the system. Without any SQL experience, a user can add selection clauses using columns or fields from the primary module/table/view as well as secondary modules/tables/views based on the 1:M relationship model.

With a simple Query Builder UX, the user can add selection filters and then format the output of the data by selecting the fields, sequence and sort order, all of which will be saved along with the query definition. The ability to save the query makes it quicker and easier to rerun frequently used reports allowing manufacturing companies and their employees to be more efficient. It also provides a way to distribute information to other users by marking the query as shared, and allows an administrator to provide a set of predefined shared queries for access by all users.

The Advanced Query Reporting Tool will generate the necessary SQL code that will retrieve the data from the system and show the results in a newly created tab within the main window. Query results can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel to work with and analyze data as well as have complete control over its presentation.

The new reporting tool is a system task pane that is always accessible by the user and is designed to easily find and run a query. The user will be able to apply different views to see All Queries, Shared Queries or My Queries. A Quick Access tab is also available to show the queries available for the currently selected module in the navigator. From the technical side, a developer has full control over what modules are available to the Advanced Query Reporting Tool as well as what columns (or fields) are available for the selection clauses and output format.
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