Xterprise Upgrades RFID Product for Item-Level Tagging

Xterprise announces the release of a major enhancement to its Clarity Source Tagging (ST) product to support apparel & footwear suppliers that are fulfilling RFID item-level orders for retailers such as Wal-Mart, JCPenney and others.

The box and order auditing enhancement performs an automated audit of case level contents and validates the contents down to the required item level against the order and then logs results and then drives any needed corrective actions. The formal release of the enhancement is in conjunction with the production go-live of the application enhancement at a major apparel supplier.
”RFID technology alone without item-level software applications to drive process and inventory utilization improvements will not improve quality of shipments but instead just make the existing process errors even more costly,” says Dean Frew, CEO of Xterprise. “We continue to witness customers that are using our suite of Clarity item-level applications realizing the value that is inherent in the technology which has such a fundamental advantage over legacy SKU based processes and systems.”
With the use of item-level tagging of apparel and footwear in retail supply chains seeing a rapid expansion, there is a need for 100 percent box and order auditing of all shipments. Clarity ST and this new enhancement have been developed to meet this market need. Some of the business case elements that result in using the application are as follows: confidence in “zero” serial number duplications across the enterprise, easily expandable and configurable network of print/encoding node points, reduction of missed shipment claims from retailer, the ability to ensure 100 percent accurate shipment verification and improved inventory accountability.
“A growing number of apparel suppliers are shipping RFID tagged items to retailers and want to use the technology to close the shipment quality gap and achieve 100 percent accuracy of shipments,” Frew adds. “Our Clarity ST box & order audit enhancement enables shipment quality improvements to occur for high volume pick pack and ship environments where integration with existing order management systems enables customers to achieve 100 percent accuracy of shipments down to the item level within each box.”
The Clarity ST application can be deployed at a garment factory or a distribution center and can monitor and audit shipments to a distribution center or directly to a store. The customer can use the enhancement as a standalone or with the base Clarity ST product.
The Clarity ST box and order auditing enhancement includes the following features:
  • 100 percent verifications of box packing or case accuracy at the item-level
  • Shortage due to a tag not physically inside the container
  • Shortage due to a weak tag not being read by the RFID reader
  • Overage due to an unexpected tag in the container
  • Material handling equipment control signaling, as well as visual or other manual notification
  • Warehouse management system integration for box audit verification
  • 100 percent automated monitoring of hardware and software application health for 24x7 solution support
The Clarity ST application and the new box & order auditing enhancement are currently deployed using Motorola and Zebra RFID hardware products and can use a number of RFID inlay and label manufacturers products. Xterprise’s Clarity technology leverages Microsoft technologies including: .Net, SQL, BizTalk RFID, Windows Mobile and Windows Azure Cloud.

Customers of Clarity ST are also deploying the companion product, Clarity Mobile, a cloud based light technology footprint application for item-level inventory management with web based multisite inventory and inventory discrepancy reporting which is being used to leverage their core RFID/Item-Level tagging investment to improve process and inventory efficiency within their own operations.