You've Never Seen a Pop-Up Like This Before


Advanced materials company Cocona Inc., maker of patented 37.5® Technology, went to new heights to help climbers get the right gear when they needed it most, opening a cliffside shop three-hundred feet in the air. The shop was open on Bastille Wall in Eldorado Canyon, not far from where Cocona is headquartered.  The company gave out apparel from Adidas, Rab and Point6, all made with 37.5® Technology, to help climbers maintain the ideal core temperature of 37.5° C.

"For more than a decade, we've gone to the ends of the earth to create performance-enhancing materials for athletes," said Jeff Bowman CEO of Cocona Inc. "But now we've gone to the ends of the earth to get it to them."

Dave Bywater, 11-year climbing ranger in Grand Teton National Park and Cocona employee, manned the shop from sunrise to sunset outfitting climbers.

In addition to showcasing how 37.5® Technology improves outdoor apparel, Cocona raised awareness and support of their ongoing mission to provide access to public lands for climbing, donating $5,000 each to the Access Fund, the American Alpine Club and the Action Committee for Eldorado (ACE) to replace aging anchors.

Patented 37.5® Technology can be found increasing comfort and performance in brands like Carhartt, Tommy Bahama, Katusha, Mission, Bauer, Kenneth Cole, Babolat and more. 37.5® Technology has been proven to increase athlete performance by reducing the increase of core temperature during high activity, like wearing a cooling vest circulating cold water. Alternately, if it's cold, 37.5 active particles retain heat and send warmth back to the body. This wider range of comfort means fewer layers are needed for climbers that might experience a variety of temperature and activity levels during a climb.

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