YuniquePLM Update Improves Line Planning, Costing Capabilities

Yunique Solutions, creators of YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software, released the latest version of its PLM solution with enhanced line planning functionality for designers and merchandisers and powerful costing capabilities for planning and financial teams.

Darioush Nikpour, vice president of product management for Gerber's Yunique Solutions business, said, "YuniquePLM's new line management capability delivers an enormous value proposition for retailers and brands to improve speed and accuracy in the product development process and to visualize if products within the line will meet profitability expectations early in the planning process."

Visually sort styles using drag and drop
Using a mouse, touch screen or iPad, merchandisers and designers can drag and drop Adobe sketches and inspirational photographs into the line. Users can then easily sort products by dragging and dropping and can carry out changes to the line "en masse." This ability drastically increases the user experience while reducing product development time and errors.

Create and edit data and statuses for multiple styles simultaneously
With the unique palette option, mass create and flash edit capabilities, merchandisers and designers can quickly create similar styles in a single step and make field and attribute changes across multiple styles simultaneously. The software's innovative "line-palette" capabilities have been shown to dramatically improve performance.

Apply historical data to quickly calculate product costs
Users calculate historical cost estimates using built-in best practices. Retailers and brands can specify flash costing calculations based on target markup percentage or a target price for both wholesale and retail. This functionality, combined with the software's visual user experience, enables the creative and sourcing teams to align early in the planning process. Merchandising, design, technical design and sourcing teams can focus on inspirations and new product innovations as well as the reuse of best sellers, reducing product development time and resources to deliver on-trend, consumer-valued products that will merchandise well together and deliver higher margins at both wholesale and retail.    

Track financials from product development through supplier commitments
Either at line level or sub-assortment level, users can enter planned numbers for a particular collection and track them from planning to development through approved commitments. Teams get an "at-a-glance" visual of the line, with the ability to drill down to style categories. In addition, YuniquePLM provides real-time visibility to new styles and carryovers in development, including input from suppliers, to create a single source of data entry and maintenance for designers and merchants. With this tool, everyone in the process has the most current information which can be rolled to and from the plan.

Nikpour added, "We're constantly incorporating feedback from our customer advisory board into our software releases to enable our customers to remain innovative, eliminate superfluous clicks and perform tasks en masse. YuniquePLM's dynamic line management platform empowers brands to visualize and bring their lines to life, deliver breakthrough performance and simplify the product lifecycle."

YuniquePLM v5.0 also delivers enhanced integration with Adobe Illustrator, interactive sample capture, improved sourcing and compliance tracking.
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