ZALORA Standardizes Planning Across Eight Countries with JustEnough

South-East Asia online fashion retailer ZALORA has selected JustEnough Software's Merchandise Financial Planning and Assortment Planning solutions for implementation across all of its ventures in the region.

As a young company with disparate planning workflows and systems in each of the eight countries in which it operates, ZALORA's challenge was to find an industry standard planning solution that could help streamline planning across all their country ventures and work at a coordinated regional level.

"With offices in countries across South-East Asia, we need a centralized, integrated system that can help us to streamline the retail process and help each country's buying team work together seamlessly," said Silvia Thom, senior product manager, ZALORA South-East Asia. "We expect that JustEnough will help ZALORA's inventory planning for future seasons by enabling more efficient allocation of costs, as well as achieving more accurate predictions of next-season product mixes by analyzing historical sales data."
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