Zebra Technologies Launches RW 420 Route Palette

Zebra Technologies, a provider of specialty printing and automatic identification solutions, announced the launch of the RW 420 Route Palette. The device enables  mobile workers to carry the RW 420, Zebra's mobile printer for direct store delivery (DSD) and route accounting, with a choice of Motorola's ruggedly designed mobile computers: the MC70, the recently announced MC75 enterprise digital assistant (EDA) and the MC9000.

The RW 420 Route Palette features simultaneous charging of the printer and mobile computer and is designed to be ergonomic and sturdy for the road, according to Zebra Technologies. The firm reports that users can hold the device in their arms like a painter's palette as they enter data and print receipts, invoices, inventory pick tickets and other items. The RW 420 Route Palette also features a simple release so that workers can use the printer and computer individually as necessary.

for more information: www.zebra.com
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