Zuoan Repeats as Top Apparel Firm For Second Consecutive Year

#1 Zuoan
Move over "Project Runway," Hellooooo Gorgeous! In March, the Chinese drama "Hello Gorgeous" launched on Hunan Satellite TV, and its intense plot and eye-catching fashion have viewers riveted. That's good news for show sponsor Zuoan, whose founder, chairman and CEO James Hong and Zuoan-branded apparel figure prominently in the drama, which focuses on
the internal strife of the modern fashion industry — with a little love and revenge thrown in for good measure.

Drama or not, the casual fashion men's wear brand is happily capitalizing on the growth opportunities in the apparel market created by China's burgeoning middle class, and easily snagged the top spot on Apparel's Top 50 Report for the second year in a row with a phenomenal 20.71 percent profit margin.

During the past year, Zuoan continued to focus on several key initiatives, including the expansion of its nationwide network of distributor and sub-distributor stores (to 1,329 locations), and the transition of direct flagship stores to its distributor partners, a move that will allow the company to focus on its casual fashion product offering, increase productivity and reduce operating expenses while shifting more the role of brand ambassador to its partners.

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